Recommended ES version for Logstash? Docs link broken

(Ian Chard) #1


Logstash used to specify a recommended elasticsearch version to use, but the current docs have a link that's broken.

Is there still a recommended ES version for each version of Logstash and, if so, where can I find it?


  • Ian

(Mark Walkom) #2

This no longer applies as it does to old versions, just use the latest ES and you will be fine.

Also which link is broken, we'll get it fixed.

(Ian Chard) #3

Ah lovely, good to know.

The broken link is in the 'Note' section under 'Storing logs with Elasticsearch' on ('Make sure they match based on the >Logstash version<')... but I guess if the recommended version thing isn't true any more then that whole sentence can be removed.


  • Ian

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