Recover data from Inactive Cluster

All my nodes in cluster except one went down. If I run _cat/nodes in active node , its showing master_not_discovered exception. Im not even able to take backup. Backup fails with same error. Can I recover the data somehow?

What version are you running?

I have two variants

ELK - 7.4.2
ELK - 7.10.2

I need a resolution for this issue in both variants

Ok, then you're likely out of luck, see the docs here;

To be sure that the cluster remains available you must not stop half or more of the nodes in the voting configuration at the same time .

ok thanks. In my case, I have three nodes cluster, two nodes went down . Im trying to create a new cluster with two new nodes and one active node. So it seems like I can create a cluster with one old node and two new nodes, but I will be losing data in my old node. I cant recover it. Correct?

Unless you have a backup, yes that is correct.

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