Reference line - can it vary over time?


I'm following the tutorial on how to add a reference line. It looks great and exactly what I'm looking for.

However I need to have the reference line be different at different points in time. For example at t = 0 the line could have value 100, at t = 1, value 50, t = 2 value 20, and so on. Instead of a fixed horizontal line at value X.

Is it possible to accomplish this with reference line? I could do this with a regular line instead, but in that case I cannot change the properties of the line (thickness, style), so it would be very hard to distinguish from the actual data (which are also lines :slight_smile: )


Hi @tinrik

not at the moment, reference lines are constant values.
A stacked line will be the route I would suggest. For more styling control over chart lines you can track this issue: [Lens] Line chart styling controls · Issue #124279 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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