Reference time picker in timelion query


I have a query that shows the cumulative number of items created in a given period of time. It uses the startTime and endTime as the timefields. The problem is, I want to filter out all of the endTimes which do not have a startTime in the time picker window. Is there any way to use the time picker's start time to use in my query?

This is my current query:

.cusum(.subtract(.es(index="csaf2",timefield="startTime"), .es(index="csaf2",timefield="endTime")))

I want it to look something like:

.cusum(.subtract(.es(index="csaf2",timefield="startTime"), .es(index="csaf2",timefield="endTime",q="startTime:<TIMEPICKER.STARTTIME")))

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maybe it can help you


That's not really what I'm looking for. I'm already using the time picker to filter the search, I just need to reference it to see if a document should be further filtered out. It doesn't look like it can be done using kibana=true unless I'm missing something.

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