Timelion : Where can I configure the date field


I need your help about Timelion.
The line drawn by the Timelion values ​​is always 0.
Data are stored in "velib_map" index. This index has a datetime field named "last_update".
How can I specifie that timefield for Timelion is "last_update" and not "@timestamp" ?

Do I need to configure a file? (Eg timelion.json). If so, where is the configuration file?

Thank you in advance


hi @Sergio_PR,

is this because there are no documents in that time-range from Feb 16 to Feb 20?

In that screenshot, I can't see the value in the time-picker, but on the top-right of Kibana, there is a time-picker that allows you to pick the time interval. Use it to select a time-range that matches your data.

Thanks Thomasneirynck for the reply.

The time-range is configured for the last 30 days. I have some data in this range.
I have tested with anoher index who is containing data in this scope. But the result is the same.
The graphic stays over the 0 line.

I found the problem !
Timelion expected a @timestamp field for time dimension. But documents stored on "velib_map" index contains a datetime field called "last_update".

So, I need to define the time field in Timelion instruction.
The command is :
.es(index="velib_map", timefield="last_update")

Now I can see the result :


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