Timelion, dated indices and the time picker


We have a lot of large indices indices, separated daily as eg ourindex-YYYY.MM.DD

Timelion appears to be a bit insensitive to the dates. I want to create a dashboard (for people who don't want to edit timelion config) to show a few time series, which can be usefully viewed with the time-picker set to "Last 15m".

At the moment I appear to have two inadequate options:

  1. use .es(index=ourindex-*)
  2. manually insert the appropriate YYYY.MM.DD value each day

The second option is out because it's too much hassle for the users, and the first one goes off and queries a thousand or so large indices, taking quite a while to return.

Is there any way to get Timelion to only hit the time-picker appropriate dated indices?

(alainc) #2

i posted something like this long time ago and it seems it had been integrated Timelion timeseries in kibana visualise

so it should be ok now.

(Spencer Alger) #3

As suggested by @alainc, does changing your timelion functoin to .es(index=outindex-*, kibana=true) solve the problem?

Reference time picker in timelion query
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