Reg kibana UI - unable to view default index

I am using kibana 5.5.2 n elasticsearch 5.5.2. Data being pushed by fluentd to ES.
My aim is to deploy different kibana docker instances per ES index.

I realized kibana as container, when i start my container after setting the default index as below
curl -XPUT */.kibana/index-pattern/ -d '{"title" : "test", "timeFieldName": "@timestamp"}'
curl -XPUT *****/.kibana/config/5.5.2 -d '{"defaultIndex" : "test"}'
but I am unable to view index at Kibana UI, asking for initialize the index. However index available @ ES . (http://ESURL/_cat/indices)

Kindly guide to automate the process.


Hi Raj,

Your .kibana/index-pattern needs the mapping of all the fields. It doesn't look like you're adding that?

Maybe check out this post; Visualization update with new fields


Hi Lee,
Thanks for your mail. Let me explain in detail the steps i did.
(i) Fluentd- populate data on elasticsearch with different index names based on record_data
(ii) Deployed kibana docker containerA (5.5.2) . When i access kibana url for first time, it prompts for
"Configure index pattern".
Proceeded n configured 2 patterns (eg: IP1, IP2) (Manually using UI, is there any way to automate
the process before launching the container)?

My aim is to deploy
a) kibana containerB - Displaying only details of IP1
b) Kibana containerC - displaying only details of IP2

thanks and regards

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