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How can I create a tenant in ELK 8.9.0 version?

Hi @Ajay_Kumar.S,
By tenant do you mean a node in a cluster? You can easily make a single node cluster by signing up for for a free trial at elastic's site here. You could also deploy it yourself locally also for no cost.

Hi @Wave
I want to create a different tenants in a single cluster and logs generated by each tenant should be segregated. Later all the logs should be analyzed in a centralized management console.

Will your tenants access Elasticsearch/Kibana? If so you will need to create one Space for each tenant, create one role for each tenant giving access to the specific space, and you will also need to create a naming convention for your indices to be able to distinguish the logs from each tenant and configure the access in the access role.

For example you could prefix your indices with some identifier for each tenant, like tenant_a-*, tenant_b-* etc.

Also, if you are providing access directly to Kibana and Elasticsearch and your tenants are external clients, you may nee to check with Elastic if this is allowed after the License change a couple of years ago, I'm not sure this is allowed or not.

This is pretty similar, you will need to create a role and a space for your SOC analysts, this role and space will have access to all your indices.

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