Region map / Add support for line outline color

Hi, current region map plugin support to render a variable as a fill color on polygon shapes. Is there any interest on adding support to render it on line shapes ?

Would render like this:

I could propose a pull request for this if this sounds of interest ?

Thanks for any feedback.


Hi François,

Thanks for your interest in the Region map visualization.

We are hard at work on a much improved mapping experience in Kibana. We will be rolling out a brand new Maps application in 6.7. This new application will allow customizing fill color, border color, border width, and symbol size. It will even allow for data driven styling allowing users to style each property based on values from a field or in this case, an aggregation metric value.

The existing Coordinate map visualization and region map visualization will be put into maintenance mode only and will not be accepting new features.

Here is an example of data driven styling for the border width. The border width is styled by the value of max bytes for each country

Ok good to know. Thanks.

Hi Nathan, It is not yet in 6.x branch right ?

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