Kibana Region map does not show colors

I am running Kibana version 6.2.3. I am trying to create a visualization using regional maps.

It does show count at the bottom but it just does not show any colors on the maps. I get below warning when i try to run data on region maps.

Region map: Could not show 5 results on the map. To avoid this, ensure that each term can be matched to a corresponding shape on that shape's join field. Could not match following terms: …

Can someone explain why there are no colors in Map.

What field are you running your terms aggregation on ? each of the fields should produce a value that can be looked up in the vector map file.

for example i am running a terms agg on geo.src field in sample data which has values like US, UK, IN, ...

under the options of my region map visualizations i have to choose:

  • vector map: world countries
  • join field: 2 letter abbrevation

If your data is in different format you might have to choose a different join field.

Below are my settings.

Bucket: Shape Field
Aggregation: geoip.ip " i don't see geo.src"

vector map: world countries
join field: 2 letter abbrevation

could you paste screenshots of your configurations please ?

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