Region Map can't join fields

Hi there

I created my own region map for the countys of switzerland. Everything's good the areas are shown on the map, but my data fields won't show on the map. Also if I click on one of the countys I get this response from kibana:
Visualize: [illegal_argument_exception] [match_phrase] requires query value
If I reload kibana by pressing F5 I get this response:
Region map: Could not show 5 results on the map. To avoid this, ensure that each term can be joined to a corresponding shape on that shape's join field. Could not join following terms: Luzern,St. Gallen,Schwyz,

I am pretty sure that I have to add a field to my geojson file that tells kibana what value this shape has. I just don't know how the field in the geojson file should be named.

Nvm, I just added the fieldname kibana said was empty. Now it works.

Thanks for sharing your solution!

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