Region Maps - Split colors by criterias and not only amount


Is it possible to use different colors on the region maps, in order to illustrate different criterias additionnaly to the "global amount notion"?
I am going to take a very clear use case, let's say i want to create a worldwide region map that compare country by country if peoples prefer Coca or Pepsi.

Each document represents a citizen, we can imagine it this way:

  "name": "John Doe"
  "country": "USA" // Key to join the geoshape of the country,
  "favoriteBrand": "coca" // other documents would say "pepsi"

So currently, i have created a region map that displays different levels of red country by country, according to how many peoples there are in each country.

But the next step i need to make is to have different levels of blue for Pepsi and different levels of red for Coca (which is basically to add another level of aggregation).

But i am not sure the region maps are ready for that.
Alternatively, i could build one map for Pepsi with different levels of blue, and another map with different levels of red for Coca, but it is not very interesting to compare things.

Is it possible to build a region map representing the global picture?

It is also the classic map we see when there are elections (1 color for each candidate, and the color change with the amount of people and the variety of choices for each area), so each document is a vote in this scenario.



You are right, what you want is not really possible in the RegionMaps/Coordinate maps. What you can currently do is have a filter on "favoriteBrand" to show only the count of people that like pepsi or coca cola.
If these two enhancements make into Kibana, it will basically solve your problem for this.


Exactly, a new filter, and the ability to specify a color for each filter.

However these issues are refering to "Tile maps" and "Coordinate Maps", should i create a new one for the region maps on Github?


They use pretty much the same backend, so if it's fixed in the coordinate maps, it will be part of region maps as well.
And Tile maps was the name given to the Coordinate Maps before we added Region Maps.

Ok thanks for the details, so i take that for a "no" :slight_smile:

Hope to see this feature added soon!

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