Region Map - Vector map dropdown list empty - Version 5.5.2

I am trying to create a Region Map to visualise ISO 3166 2 character country codes. When i look in the 'options' tab the Vector Map dropdown list is empty. If I run the visualisation it appears to treat the data as US state codes as it takes my country code CA and treats it as California.

The configuration of Kibana references adding additional vector maps but I had assumed the default would be world countries, no US states. Is the issue perhaps with my data, do I need to use a different encoding for the country codes, I have not been able to find any documentation on the source data formats ?

Everything else is working as expected

Hi there, which version of Kibana are you using? I'm running 5.5.1 and under "Vector map", I see options for "US States" and "World Countries". Selecting either option displays a list of options under "Join field".


I'm running 5.5.2. I assume from the results I see it is using 'US states' vector map but the dropdown list is empty. I repeated my installation and testing on a new VM running the 6.0 beta and the Vector map dropdown is populated as expected, very strange.

That is very weird... but I suppose this solves your problem for now?

Yes...I would have preferred the GA rather than the preview release but so far so good with 6.0

I do have the same issue with 5.5.2. Empty drop-down, apparently 'US states' is the default, even i don't see it, but this is working. World map is not working and i don't know how to switch as this is not possible at the drop down. However, 5.5.1 is working as expected at this point.

I'm happy with 5.5.1 for now, this is a non-productive system.

I have the same issue with kibana 5.5.2 , Vector map list empty and seams to be select by default the usa states, is any other workaround for this situation, because I'm using it in production so i don't want to downgrade kibana to a version mismatching elasticsearch version.

There is a issue opened on Github for those that are experiencing this issue.

I had the same issue when using 5.6.0 - However though the drop down for 'Vector map' was empty, it still did graph US states (after setting bucket > shape of field > aggregated to 'term' and > field mapped to the 2 letter state name from your index)

I see, this is now fixed in 5.6.1 (

Please update to 5.6.1 (released on September 18, 2017) and you should see Vector maps drop down populated with default maps- "US States" and "World Countries"

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