Create a region map based on country code

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I have tried to create a region map using the requestCountry attribute containing the request's country. That attribute holds the two letters ISO code (FR, US, BE, etc).

I am afraid that the doc didn't help me, perhaps I am looking at the wrong place?

hi @snicoll,

that should work ok. the default world map has a two digit country code as well.

the docs are here:

In the Data-tab, you would do terms-aggregation on your requestCountry-field and then select the iso-2 field in the Options-tab.

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry I am still confused :frowning:

This is my data tab:

On my instance, the vector map is empty. Am I supposed to select something there?

Regardless it does not work. I guess it's trying to highlight US state or something? When I click on vector map, I have an empty list and nothing to select. I am on elastic cloud with Kibana 5.5.2.


hi @snicoll,

You are running into this known bug:

It has been fixed but will only be available at the next patch release. This usually takes a couple of weeks. Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you can, you can try and run 5.5.1 instead.

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