Rejected execution of primary operation

Hi there,

sometimes my logstash had printed the log that said "rejected execution of primary operation" with the error type "es_rejected_execution_exception"

can anyone explain to me what's going on actually?



Can you share the entire log that logstash is giving you? It is pretty hard to troubleshoot it with just a part of the log.

That's an error that elasticsearch produces when it cannot keep up with the rate data is being sent to it. See this thread.

Here is the full error

:error⇒{"type"=>"es_rejected_execution_exception", "reason""rejected execution of primary operation [coordinating_and_primary_bytes=3208486016, replica_bytes=621357, all_bytes=3209107373, primary_operation_bytes=13428432, max_coordinating_and_prima ry_bytes=3221225472]"}}

How do you think?

the rest of it just contains log data and the log began with "Retrying failed action"

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