Relative value calculation and visualization in Kibana

Hi All,
I am new to Kibana and ES. I get some issues with how to display our data in relative fashion.
I want to get the minimum of queried result and divided all other values in the queried result to that minimum so we can get relative comparison with related to minimum value of result.
Anybody get some ideas on this?
Thank you,

I don't fully understand your question.

could you provide your sample dataset (how documents in your index look) and a sample result you are looking for, together with how you calculate those values ?

if you want to do calculations based on different aggregations, that is possible inside TSVB (time series visual builder) kibana visualization tool.

Hi, Thank you for your reply.
My data is like this :

    { id="GTX1080", perf=1.8}
    { id="GTX1070", perf=1.6}
    { id="GTX1060", perf=1.3}
    { id="GTX1050", perf=0.9}
    { id="GTX2080", perf=2.2}
    { id="GTX2070", perf=1.9}

Now in the normal bar display it will be like
What i want to do is that i want to find the minimum value of perf, in here is 0.9, then scale all other value based on it. The result will be like below

@ppisljar I have updated my post, can you help me to check it. Thanks

that should be possible in TSVB (time series visual builder).

use math aggregation to combine your min aggregation with your histogram aggregation

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