Remote Access to Elastic Search

I have created a demo server to play around and i am trying to make elasticsearch remotely accessible for some services of mine.

I have set : -> not working : -> not working

I can get replies from browser level trying queries etc. bt curl gets access refused.
This leads to the extension i am tryng out(not mine) to say that elastic is unreachable.
Also curl from any other machine other then the local one responds with access refused.

Ip tables are flushed and no rules are being applied atm.

Any tips?

Have you looked in the Elasticsearch logs? Are you by any chance running into and failing some bootstrap check?

If bootstrap check fails then elastic does not start.
So no. I have even configured optimizations that the elastic docs suggest , except the ones for locking the memory since i run a ton of stuff every now and then on that demo.

Also it's not a resource matter. Machine got a spare 50gigs of ram and 8 cores doing nothing atm.

Logs suggest absolutely nothing at this point.

with :
http.port :

netstat -anutp | grep 9200
tcp 0 0 136.243.xxxxx:59994 136.243.xxxxx:9200 ESTABLISHED 24168/node
tcp 0 0 136.243.xxxxx:59996 136.243.xxxxx:9200 ESTABLISHED 24168/node
tcp6 0 0 :::9200 :::* LISTEN 31172/java
tcp6 0 0 136.243.xxxxx:9200 136.243.xxxxx:59996 ESTABLISHED 31172/java
tcp6 0 0 136.243.xxxxx:9200 136.243.xxxxx:59994 ESTABLISHED 31172/java
tcp6 0 0 136.243.xxxxx:9200 136.243.xxxxx:59680 TIME_WAIT -
tcp6 1 0 CLOSE_WAIT 10242/java
tcp6 0 0 136.243.xxxxx:9200 136.243.xxxxx:59682 TIME_WAIT -

I cant figure out why it responds through browser but not Curl.

No errors on logfiles or anything.
Not even the mention that someone tried to query elastic through curl and failed.

It looks like it might only be listening to tcp6. Which address do you use with curl?

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If that is the problem what is the workaround to make it listen to tcp?

curl -XGET ''
curl -XGET ''

Running on CentOS 7 and installed via yum f that helps.

Also i've had a similar problem with udp6 before that i never managed to solve.
tcp6 seems that it should be working with both ipv4 and ipv6. This is beyond me though.

Disabling ipv6 seems like a bad solution for 2017.

The network settings seem to allow you to specify this.

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Ok Just FYI it was another firewall that the hosting company uses and we got no access to that blocked the connections.
Called them and they fixed it.

Btw i used what you recommened and went for : hugeInterfaceName:ipv4

And i still get tcp6 showing up. But after the fix with the firewall everything run smooth.

Thank you for all the assistance you gave me and pointing out the tcp6 thingy.

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