Removal of orphan indices / cleanup when removing Entreprise Search on Elastic Cloud

I had a cluster running on Elastic Cloud and having A LOT of system / hidden / technical indices - multiple hundreds of them.

That's something I already rant about here Is there a way to clean .kibana* indices? I got 22 of them! but now I want to talk about the Entreprise Search indices.

My client enabled Entreprise Search a while ago, to test it / play with it, but never got far. A couple of month later there is 120 .ent-search indices sitting empty on the production cluster.

So of course I went to the Elastic Cloud console, and "revoked" the Entreprise Search add-on. But that does not clean the indices it created.

I wonder if that could be a feature: when you ask to remove Entreprise Search, also have the option to clean the data / index created!

120 indices means 240 shards, that's a lot to me even if they are empty.

Hi @Damien_Alexandre,

That is a good feature request!

All Enterprise Search indices will start with .ent-search. You can use the Delete index API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.2] | Elastic to delete these indices. I would also suggest using a wildcard if you can update your cluster settings.

By default, this parameter does not support wildcards ( * ) or _all . To use wildcards or _all , set the action.destructive_requires_name cluster setting to false .