Remove services from elastic cloud

Hi all,
I have a small 1GB test deployment on elastic cloud that I inherited.
This deployment has 255 shards that I want to reduce obviously.
I only created 2 indices so the rest of 253 shards are system once.
Most of them belong to APM and EnterpriseSearch.
How can I remove this services I don't need nor use?
Also in future environments, can I start the deployment without this services and then add them later on if needed?
Should I change the ILM of this services if I see that the default (30 days or 50gb) generates too many small indices? I'm a bit worried to touch system related settings.

Sorry for the load of questions and I appreciate the help.

Hi @Eran_Hadad

When you create a deployment in Elastic Cloud you can chose to not include those services simply remove them / do not deploy them they are there for trials to make it easier for most clients, if you already have a deployment you got to Edit and remove those services.

This will not remove the indices but it should stop creating them.

If you are not using APM you can delete those indices.

I Appreciate the detailed answer

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