Remove old index mapping

Hi all,

I need to change the mapping of some indexes. I deleted them and modified their index template with PUT /_template/template_name {new content details...}
The resulting mapping is the merge of new fields with the old fields. But old fields are not overwritten :frowning:

Is it possible to remove old index mapping?

Thanks in advance

If an index already has a mapping, you cannot remove this mapping as there are potentially fields being indexed based on that configuration.

If your question is about indices that are created in the future, and that the change of your current index template has not had the proper effect, then there must be another template adding those fields.

The easiest thing to follow here would showing a fully reproducible example.

there must be another template adding those fields.

Thanks @spinscale, that drove me.

The GET /_template showed me there were another template working on the same indexes.

Deleted it, my new template is applied fine.

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