Remove or disable default fields

Hi i want to know that if we can remove default fields or not in elasticsearch

i mean :

 "_index" : "iislogs",
 "_type" : "_doc",
 "_id" : "G2_plGwB4leTdzHx29fX",**
 "_score" : 1.0,
  "_source" :{
      "S-Port" : "62416",
      "CS-Username" : "-",
      "CS-URI-Query" : "-"

if we have an index like that can we remove or disable default fields ? ( "_index , _type , _id , _score , and _source )

i want to get fields just like that :

      "S-Port" : "62416",
      "CS-Username" : "-",
      "CS-URI-Query" : "-"


You can't disable fields. But you can probably filter the output. Look at

Yeah i did this from kibana (Settings / MetaHeaders) i was looking for getting data without them but it seems not possible :slight_smile:

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