Replace RabbitMQ river for Elasticsearch from Logstash


I'd like to know how it works from Logstash 1.5.x if I want to send data from Logstash to Elasticsearch through a RabbitMQ server.

I understand the rabbitMQ river is deprecated since then so I want to know how to configure ES and Logstash to make it work.

In Logstash 1.4.2, I was using the elasticsearch_river output plugin and the rabbitq_mq river plugin in ES 1.3.4.

Does it work now if I use only the rabbitmq output plugin from Logstash 1.5.x not spceifying any ES informations ? How would it work ?

Can someone provide me with a sample, please ?

Typically you would have a second Logstash instance that reads from RabbitMQ and indexes into Elasticsearch. This is covered in this guide about scaling and deploying Logstash.