Report Scheduler Solution for ELK - Skedler v1.3 is here

If you are looking for a report scheduler for your ELK application, take a look at Skedler. It is designed to save you significant time, effort, and development cost not to mention the opportunity cost of spending valuable resources to build a solution and fixing it for periodic updates of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

We are excited to announce the early availability of Skedler v1.3 with several exciting features:

Schedule High Quality Customized PDF Reports

Whether you email PDF reports to internal users, partners, or customers, quality and customization are important aspects to consider. Skedler v1.3 is designed to make it incredibly easy to schedule and email customized high quality PDF reports based on your Kibana dashboards. You can now customize the logo, report titles, page size, layout, and font for your scheduled PDF reports. You need to see the superior quality of PDF reports to believe it.

Attach Excel Report to PDF Reports
What if your stakeholders prefer playing with the raw data using Excel? We got your covered. With one click, you can attach excel export to scheduled PDF reports of your Kibana dashboard.

Schedule PDF Reports from Saved Searches
Reports based on Kibana Discover tab has been a frequent request from our customers and today, we are happy to say that we have taken the first big step in fulfilling their request. You can now schedule PDF reports of your saved searches (Kibana Discover tab). Combine it with the PDF customization capability, you have crea You can expect more features in this area in upcoming Skedler releases.

Easy to Install + Amazing Support
Skedler is designed such that most customers can get it running within an hour. However, if your environment is unique (OS/network/Shield/Nginx/Mail server configuration issues) and if you need help with the configuration, you have an amazingly responsive Skedler team to support you through your evaluation and beyond.

21 Day Free Trial
You can try Skedler free for 21 days to see if it meets your requirement. Contact us to get started. We will send you an electronic (Docusign) Evaluation License Agreement. Upon signing it, we will send you the link to download the latest version.

Meet at Elastic{ON} Conference
If you are attending the Elastic{ON} Conference in San Francisco on February 17-19, 2016, I will be attending the conference and I love to meet with you. Email me to schedule a time to meet.