Reporting difference logs with condition on visualize

I using nmap codec from logstash to send log daily for inventory checking. Suppose log of yesterday said that a host is up, but new log today display log is down. How can i create a visualize to display
only hosts down today with condition it was up yesterday?

Are you using our Uptime application for monitoring? If so, maybe you can ask this question in the Uptime forum.

If you are not using Uptime, please let me know and I can look into this further.

Hi nickpeihl,
I don't use Uptime rightnow
Thanks for your request, I will take a look at Uptime overview and try this. If there are some problem , I will ask more question on Uptime forum.

Hi again,
We look like to use kibana, but don't want to affect to client by install heartbeat. We looking for a network scan for black-box solutions. So, do you have any solutions to help us?
I want to get up/down status of 2 log with difference times stamp to compare and export the result that host was down or up between today and yesterday.

My apologies for misunderstanding the question.

I don't know of any existing examples of how to do that outside of the Uptime app.

Thanks for your help,
We've just found another solution that use the exported csv of visualize to compare using python script. It would take some minutes to manual work with it, but the result is fine.
Again, thanks for your help very much.

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