Want to create kibana visulization showing showing which server are up or down and their total count

Hello All,
I am new to ELK stack,Currently I am trying to create a visualization indicating which host are up or down and there total count. ex: which all tomcat are up or down and their count.If any host goes down then indicating red color and up Green color,with there count.
Through logs I'm trying to achive this functionality using these fields,http_status_code:200,400 etc,monitor id for that tomcat,and a png embedded showing up or down.Logs are generated through heartbeat.Need to show real time status.Any suggestion how this can be done?
The following functionality was achieved through data table,but need to create this through other visulization like pie chart,showing all details,using kibana version 7.9.
Is there any way this can be achived without using Data table and Canvas.This visualization then needed to be embed in custom webpage.
Want to create something like attached image.


Hello, if you need to embed the visualization in a custom page, unfortunately canvas is the option to go. Firstly create your pie visualization with buckets Aggregation 'Filters' and define your filters (example below)

and then add it to your canvas: (Add element -> add from kibana -> search for your vis).

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