Reporting error forbidden kibana

I got the error "reporting error forbidden kibana" when I'm trying to download the CSV file from Kibana...
I did kibana configurations in but I got the same error.![forbidden error kibanaq|392x424]
I'm using 7.3.1 version.
User privileges are kibana_user, reporting_user.
Got the same error for superuser also...
Also generating the CSV file worked properly a few days ago...
What is your recommendation to solve this problem?

forbidden error kibanaq

Thank You!

Hi @testsemd_email,

Can you check the kibana logs for any errors? You mentioned this worked a few days ago, did any updates occur during this time?


Hi LizaD
Thank You!
How to get the only kibana logs(sometimes got it form systemlogs).
I didn't do any update.
It is 6 node cluster and 2 nodes were down and rejoined again them.

Hi @testsemd_email,

Can you try sudo journalctl --unit kibana ? You can also narrow down close to the date those two nodes went down and came back up, using --since option, for example: sudo journalctl --unit kibana --since "2020-12-30 03:15:20". Let us know if you see any errors or warnings in those logs. Thanks.

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