Reporting Kibana login/logout

Today, i've to administer the Kibana activity.
What is the way to generate Kibana connections report ?
I don't find any data in kibana logs !
(Kibana version 6.8.3)
Thanks all

You would need to enable audit logging.


thanks Aaron for your answer.
In my kibana.yml, i put : true
logging.verbose: true
and of course i verified elastisearch.yml that true

But after restart Kibana, i have no new lines in logging.dest file ! :slightly_frowning_face:
What did I forget?

I would look in your kibana logs to see if you are getting any warnings or errors. I am not sure if that version shipped with it being free also. Believe this is now a paid feature.

yes, it appears to be the case :confused:
Too bad for me !
Thanks Aaron. Good day !

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