Reporting on random date on a random field

Hi All,

Am using elasticsearch and XPack , is it possible to generate a report on a random dates on particular field .

For example :
I want to trigger reporting on each previous months , like let say i have one month june data from 1st of june till 30 th june

I want to trigger on 1st july , of on 15 th july data on a particular field data value
like this I want to trigger reporting on every first date of each month on different dates on a particular field.

Any help would really very useful for audits.


Anything you can search for in Elasticsearch script, you should be able to use in Watcher, which you can then use to trigger a report generation. Take a look at the Script Condition documents.

I believe what you want to do is create a Watch trigger schedule which would run maybe once a day... that kind of depends on your specific needs. Anyway, that watch would execute the script condition, and if it matched, you could have it send a report.

You might be able to use Watcher inputs to control the date range in the report URL as well, but I'm not actually sure that works.

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Thank you Joe for the reply :slight_smile:

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