Repository-hdfs on elasticsearch 2.1.0

Hi, I'm elasticsearch beginner and trying install repository-hdfs on elasticsearch 2.x.
However it always be failed.

On elasticsearch-2.0.0-beta1, elasticsearch-2.0.1 and elasticsearch-2.1.0,
while installing repository-hdfs-2.2.0-beta1, it always be
ERROR: Plugin [repository-hdfs] is incompatible with Elasticsearch [2.x.x]. Was designed for version [2.0.0]

What version of repository-hdfs can be installed on elasticsearch 2.x? Thanks a lot.

download the repository-hdfs-2.2.0-beta1.jar , unzip it , modify the es version to 2.1.0 in and install it again, it seemed to be installed. But the real effect is waiting to be confirmed.

Indeed, since ES 2.0, the version check is strict hence why the modifications works.
Since the release cycles of ES-Hadoop and ES are different, the solution to this is to move the plugin in ES proper, which has already happened on Master and hopefully will make it into ES 2.2.