Represent microservices as bars

Hello guys, i am finding it difficult in representing micro-services as bars in bar chart to show the control flow, i.e. when a service is invoked by a call show a bar to represent the same. can anyone help me.

things tried:
split series... other messages are also being shown in the graph as bars
aggregation filters... only count of total services from logs also isn't dynamic

Are you meaning you want to show this over time?

We aren't all guys :slight_smile:

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Yes, @warkolm it's over time.

i would like to show each bar in kibana bar chart from a specific message from my application, bars should be flowing from right to left there shouldn't be more than 15 bars in the bar chart. specifically each microservice in my app will have its name logged in the log file, when it's being requested or responding to a request it will have a footprint in the log as its name, i just want to represent the same.

Hello All, can someone respond please...i am stuck with this, not knowing way out. is my question clear ???

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