Reproducing grafana dashboard on kibana 4.6.1

Hi Everybody,

I'm a newbie on kibana. I have installed kibana 4.6.1, elasticsearch 2.4.1, logstash 2.4 and metricbeat 6.0.0. I was able to setup the following architecture metricbeat -> logstash -> elasticsearch -> kibana. I then started creating dashboard with kibana. I have the following dashboards.

But my client want dashboard which are similar to those of grafana.

Notice that grafana have the background with sqaures and that the data been represented is bound by a transparent background on the X-axis (this can be obtained by using a chart area but the issue with this is that inbound background of the data is not transparent).

Why am I not using collectd, influxdb and grafana? This is because my client has application where he using kibana for all his streaming thus adding grafana will bring additional work.

Any clue please?

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You could do this with Timelion, but "vanilla" Kibana doesn't have that sort of configurability.

@warkolm Thanks for the quick response. I have installed Timelion and tried using that to produce my dashboards but I wasn't able to get it done with Timelion.
This is what I could produce.

As you can the background is not even dark. Maybe I don't know how to used Timelion. Please can you send some interesting link on how to used Timelion so that I will get the dashboards similar to grafana.

Thanks alot.

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