req.RequestURI filter


In KIBANA, i am trying to monitor execution time and count of occurrence for my requests.
I have set up a visualization for that.
I have a request like req.requestURI 'https://aaa/bbb/ccc' and another request like 'https://aaa/bbb/ccc/ddd/'
i need to monitor the execution time and count of occurence only for 'https://aaa/bbb/ccc/'.
But the configurations i did actually considers both the request since the parameter aaa/bbb/ccc/ is common in both requests.
Is there any other way to monitor only 'aaa/bbb/ccc/' in specific?

That should be possible via filters and queries. I think the issue might be in the way the data is indexed and the way the query is built for it. I tried to explain that in more detail in a blog post.

Could you tell me what queries you are exactly using to filter for the data?

If you have a non analyzed field (e.g. the .keyword fields in Elasticsearch 5+ are like that if you used the dynamic mappings), you should be able to search for the whole string as requestUri:"https://aaa/bbb/ccc" and it shouldn't find exactly that string and not fields where this is just a prefix.

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