Request error: circuit_breaking_exception, [parent] Data too large

We are using Elastic Cloud and some times getting this message here.

Why does this happen? Is the index to big or is it the instance that is too slow?

Request error: circuit_breaking_exception, [parent] Data too large, data for [<http_request>] would be [416504610/397.2mb], which is larger than the limit of [410412646/391.3mb], real usage: [416481600/397.1mb], new bytes reserved: [23010/22.4kb], usages [request=0/0b, fielddata=9846/9.6kb, in_flight_requests=32908/32.1kb, model_inference=0/0b, accounting=1678516/1.6mb]


  • Elastic Cloud
  • 3 instances (minimal)
  • 338 shards
  • single index

Can you open the inspect part for that particular visualisation and copy the query it uses into Dev Tools and see if it happens there as well?

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