Resize Lens visualization in Canvas

Hi, I put a Lens Treemap on my Canvas and tried to resize it with the drag and drop controls, but I found that I couldn't stretch it beyond my screen size.

Also, this method is not too exact, is there a way to specify the width/height of my Lens container?

Another question about treemaps: can I set the size of the font? I prefer to see the title of the rectangles all the time, but they disappear if the rectangles are not large enough to host them with the default font size.

I think your assumption is correct for all your questions: currently it is not possible to do any of these. The closest I can give you with Canvas is that you can actually increase the size of the elements more when not using fullscreen mode- they can be dragged outside the page frame. Another option with Canvas is to manually edit the Canvas saved object which contains position information.

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