[Resolve] Field from logstash not indexed

(Rdesgrange) #1


I have a setup where filebeat send log to logstash, that process it through grok parser and then send it to Elasticsearch. Classic.

I just add this line in my logstash configuration :

useragent {
   source => "http_user_agent"
   target => "useragent"

In Kibana I can see the data, but kibana say to me "This field is not indexed thus unavailable for visualisation and search"

I didn't have problem with other field ? with this field aren't indexed ? I have the geoip plugin and field are correctly indexed.

In advance thanks

(Alexander Reelsen) #2


the useragent field usually contains some more sub fields. Is it possible that you havent specified a concrete one?


(Rdesgrange) #3

what do you mean by concreate one.

I have several sub fields, like build, device, etc... but where do I need to specify these field in order to index it ?

The thing I don't understand is why geoip is indexed normaly (without any configuration) and not useragent.

(Rdesgrange) #4

Ok I refresh the kibana index in Settings/Indices, and it's now indexed.

Sorry, I though that the field wasn't index in elasticsearch :frowning:

Thanks for the help.

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