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Using 5.5 ELK. Trying to achieve the x-pack monitoring dashboard (say thru APIs.
This is to be used as a smoke test after the installation of ELK.

Had the following questions.

  1. Are there any APIs, which can be used say either thru REST or python?
  2. If the xpack is not installed, is there any means of achieving the monitoring? (ie. if the components have come up fine after the installation)

Got to know there is python APIs for elasticsearch (, Is there APIs to do the above status/stats check?

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@pkempia there are Rest APIs behind Monitoring's dashboard; however, they aren't publicly supported/documented. It's theoretically possible for you to use your browser to inspect the network requests that are made by the monitoring dashboard and reverse-engineer these; however, the data returned changes rather frequently between different versions so some due-diligence will be required to keep up with this.

With that being said, it's worth reiterating that these are unsupported APIs and they may change/be-removed at any point in time.

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