Restore an index without _state directory


I'm having some troubles restoring an index. I have an index with 3 shards
on 3 machines (2 replica's), but I've lost the _state directories. (I think
the _state directories where on other machines, which I cleaned up). Also
the gateway node had its data (state info) removed.

So normally you would have the following structure:


I am missing the _state directories.

When I start the ES instances on those machines, the master (on a separate
machine) does not 'pick up' myIndex on the data nodes. How can I force this

Can I recreate the _state dir? Or can I recreate the index using ES
commands and would it keep the index files or overwrite the old index
files? I still know the mapping and index settings so that is not the

The index is originally created with ES 0.19.9 but now I'm running on ES


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