Restore data from archive snapshot

Hello everyone!
I have some problems with restore my data from snapshot.
Firstly, i created local repositories and create a policy, afther that, i successfully create snapshot.
Secondly i make archive with content of this directory and clear her. And now i try restoring data from unarchive files, but on kibana i can`t see a snapshot:

status of repository:

content of directory:

I know, maybe i have incorrect permission, because before are:

I need to restore data from this snapshot.
I hope that you will help me.

Have you created a policy to create the snapshots ? Selecting what you want to save, which is what you can restore ?

Thanks for your reply, yes, i created policy and successfully created snapshot. But i can`t restore

Untitled Diagram

You didn't describe what you did very clearly, but my guess is that you registered the repository and then unpacked your archive copy. You must never modify the contents of a repository while it's registered with Elasticsearch. The manual has instructions on backing up and restoring a repository which includes this guidance:

When restoring a repository from a backup, you must not register the repository with Elasticsearch until the repository contents are fully restored. If you alter the contents of a repository while it is registered with Elasticsearch then the repository may become unreadable or may silently lose some of its contents.

Yeah, i clear contents of a repository, afther than move into this directory other data. I lose my data forever?

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