Restore Snapshot from a Production Cluster in an off site cluster without Internet Access

Hi there. We have currently in production a 3 node Elasticsearch Cluster, but unfortunately due to the nature of Railway Industry, at the moment there is no outbound access to the internet. I would like to retrieve the snapshots backups from site and restore them in an off site Elastic cluster for analysis purposes.

We keep 30 days worth of data in production, but there is a requirement of keeping all the data from site for application solution evaluation purposes.

From the documentation, it is not advised to copy the snapshot registered repo file system and restore that file system copy in another cluster ( And indeed, I have tried this with irregular results.

How can I get the snapshot from production site and restore it on another cluster with no connectivity between clusters? In other words, what's the appropriate way of collecting backups with a USB or HDD drives without the risk of becoming corrupted at restoration time?

Thank you!

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