Restore snapshot index

While restoring an index , it requires either index closure or deleting the index. Is there any method to enable read while restoring the index. without causing an outage in search ?

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You can restore indices with different name by adding a particular prefix or suffix

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Sorry am new to elastic, Could you please elaborate how to reroute from old index to new index with prefix or suffix?

Reindex: After restore with renamed index , Do I need to reindex?

POST _reindex
  "source": {
    "index": "my-index-000001"
  "dest": {
    "index": "my-new-index-000001"

and delete the old index?

yes , you can

Ok Noted Thanks

Tried with reindex and deleteing the old index , this way also our enterprise search service got disrupted. Enterprise search engine switch to new index created without service outage

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I would use the restore rename parameters as mentioned in the docs.

Thanks, I don't have any issue with restore the index with rename. After restore , enterprise search engine need to switch searching from restored index instead of old index without disabling read/write or closing the index.

You would be best off making a new topic in #enterprise-search with your question, as it's a layer on top of Elasticsearch and may handle things differently :slight_smile:

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