Restoring snapshot to different Cluster

I am trying to restore the snapshot of my cluster which is present on primary server to a backup cluster which is on secondary server. I have to do this on a regular intervals. Both of these servers are not mounted to I can not use the repository of first server for the second server.

Now to restore the snapshots of first cluster into second cluster I have to SFTP the snapshot from first server to second server. But copy that backup folder every time to the secondary server will take time. Is there any way such that I do not need to move the whole backup folder and just the new snapshot files? If yes then which files should I move from first repository to second.

Kindly help!!
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You could try rsync?

My servers are not mounted. Is it possible to do rsync between these two servers?

I don't know what you mean by a mounted server, but rsync uses the network, like SFTP.

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Thank you Mark, i will try rsync,

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