Restrict a user to see only their queries and indexes

(A Pvcube) #1

I am using kibana/elasticsearch/shield combination..

Here is what I would like to enable

UserID1 - Index1 - SavedQuery1, SavedQuery11

UserID2 - Index2 - SavedQuery2, SavedQuery22

When the UserID1 logs in, the user should be able to only see Index1 and SavedQuery1 & SavedQuery11

Current Situation: The UserID1 can see that Index2 exists even though they cannot see the data itself.

What is desired: The UserID1 should not be able to see even the existence of the Index2

Can you suggest if this is possible and if so how ?

(Jim Unger) #2

Unfortunately this functionality does not currently exist in Kibana. There is an existing github issue for this. Feel free to weigh in.


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