Limit what restricted user can see in Kibana


I have an elastic stack that is storing data for two different teams. I am trying to set up security so that one team cannot see the other teams data. I have been able to achieve this to a point using security and restricting index access appropriately to users. The issue that I'm having is that both teams are still able to see that each others indexes exist, and the names of the indexes themselves are confidential.

Is there any way to set up security so that restricted users can't even see that the indexes they aren't authorised to access exist? We have the same issue within visualisations and dashboards where the user can see all created visualisations and dashboards.

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hi @kpover,

this is an upcoming feature, called "Kibana Spaces", and will be released in the upcoming Kibana minor:. For details on how it functions, you can check

Brilliant, thank you for the answer.

Do you know if there is an expected time that the feature will be released?


This would be next minor, 6.5. Usually, new minors get released every couple of months, so probably not too far off.

Brilliant, thanks!!

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