Restricting/Authorizing Kibana Dashboards To a Specific User

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We are building dashboards for our staff. So there are a lot of dahsboards currently. What we want to figure out is "Can we show only a spesific dashboard when a spesific user logged in?". We have tried it using xpack. But it actually gives the possiblity of showing the data only when a specific field = specific value. So there can be only one dashboard but what people are going to see on that differs. Thats not we want. We want to create lets say 20 different dashboards with different visualizations. And we have 20 users. We want everyone to see different dashboards but not able to see each other's.

This is not yet possible, but we are working on it as its one of the top requests from our users. You can track the progress on this issue:

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Thank you then. So the only option is creating them all the dashboards manually. So I guess I have to create new .kibana indexes for every dashboard and visualizations? How do I do that?

The second question is lets assume that we have created all the dashboards and all different kibana indexes running on different ports. Is it possible to redirect different users to different ports with nginx reverse proxy just by "ldap username"?

as described in the link above you should start multiple kibana instances, each one with each own configuration file (running on its own port and using its own index)

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