xPack Kibana - create role dashboard

is it possible to create a role which can granted a user to only ONE specific dashboard ?
My kibana's version is 5.6.9 whith XPACK.

Its Not possible in 5.6.9

In 6.2.4 this facility is available . But not for a single dashboard to a user . We can give permission to a user for view only the dashboards from a specific index . Means a specific user can view all the dashboards from a particular index . He cant view any other menu.

Top bad ! :frowning_face:
Thanks Rijinmp.

But for a user granted to a dashboard, the posibility to "edit" this dashboard is always offered !
Can i secure this !

You can use some other technologies for this use case .

Use some proxy servers and restrict the usage of dashboards with specific users .

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