How to restric user to delete dashboard?

Hi Experts,

I am preparing a POC as X-Pack is offering all the most awaited features like role based authentication , reporting and monitoring .It seems it still lacking in many aspects. After installing Xpack on Elastic and on Kibana I have created one user and provide kibana user role to it . Now with this role user can do anything . He can delete dashboard, he can create dashboard etc.
But what I want is ,
1)Not to allow him to create/delete and edit dashboard .So point is why to allow user to save the dashboard considering the fact that multiple users access the same dashboard.
2)He should not be able to delete index from kibana.
3)tabs like Visualize ,timelion, Graph and Discover should not be visible to him .
4) Very bare minimum like read only permission should allowed to him .
5) If I implement LDAP Integration I hope user can login to kibana with their AD account ?


You can do 1 + 2 + 4 + 5, but not 3 at this stage.

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