Restricting time period selection in Kibana

I would like to explore the options for restricting users' ability to change time periods. Ideally I would like to allow "any 24 hour period" or similar, but I would accept just locking the time filter full stop for now. I'm willing to get under the hood to do so.

I'm happy to let them zoom in, and therefore they need to be able to 'reset' the time period.

The reason is probably obvious: we've got tons more data than can be safely queried at one time in a complex dash... and buttons like 'this year' are just too tempting.

Some ideas:

  • remove the filter bar completely (based on role)... users hit 'back' to zoom back out
  • extend the time picker to have restricted options, tunable in advanced settings, and expose either the original or restricted time picker depending on role
    • similarly, modify the timepicker so it will only allow restricted periods

Is there anything available already that prevents users from querying way more data than is 'reasonable'?

There's nothing that I can currently think of that would permit this, but it is a fairly common request for admins to be able to restrict (come up with some rulesets) about what Kibana users can query.

You can turn off the autocomplete suggestions in the filter bar per space by going into advanced settings and disabling filterBar:suggestValues.


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