Result window is too large

Error: [query_phase_execution_exception] Result window is too large, from + size must be less than or equal to: [10000] but was [2147483647].

I have changed the size of max_result_window of .kibana index from 10000 to 2147483647. Still I see the same error.

That would be inadvisable, why does it need to be so large?

What version of things are you using?

ES 2.3 and Kibana 4.5.4
I am not able to understand how to overcome this error.

Deep pagination is a very bad idea and this safeguard exists to help protect your cluster from very heavy requests that can destabilise or bring it down completely. Please read this page of the documentation to help understand why doing this is a bad idea:

Why are you wanting to retrieve 2147483647 results from Elasticsearch? Could you explain your use case for doing this request? Then we might be able to offer some alternative ideas on what features of Elasticsearch you should use instead or on a different approach to solve your use case.

I see you are also using Kibana, have you changed any of the settings in Kibana from the default values? If so, what have you changed?

I know it is not a feasible solution. I am getting this error even tough there is very less data in ES. I am seeking for a feasible solution.

Getting an answer to that would be helpful. What sort of queries are you running.

Thing is, I did not execute any query on same. When I accessed Kibana the very first time I am facing this error.

Have you changed anything in the kibana.yml file or any of the settings on the Advanced config page in Kibana?