Retrieving custom metadata from mapping type with NEST


I have an index for which I am storing custom metadata in the _meta field. When I retrieve the metadata using NEST via the GetMapping<T> method, the returned dictionary has values that are represented as internal types (e.g. Nest.Json.Linq.JObject, Nest.Json.Linq.JArray).

These values fail to cast back to the original types, and they also fail to cast to their Newtonsoft.Json.Linq counterparts. Since the types are internal, ToObject<T>() does not appear to be an option. Is there some other way that I am missing to get these values back into a useable form? Or is this perhaps something that was missed in transitioning to the internal serializer? I am setting up the connection with the JsonNetSerializer.Default serializer in order to address some similar issues with dynamic types.

I am using version 6.3.2 of both Elasticsearch and NEST.



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