Reusing of kibana dashboard for new indices with same old index name


How can we reuse .kibana index or dashboards after deleting the data.

Hello Amarpal,

When you say "deleting the data", do you mean you deleted the associated indexes? If you have a Kibana dashboard, it will be dependent on certain indexes. You can export the dashboard and then re-import it. Using the advanced menu on import, you can manually associate index references with new indexes. Of course, this is all assuming you were able to recreate new versions of the original indexes. Hopefully that helps!


Thanks Aaron !!

I come up with a new issue, when I create a user, just to provide the read only access of Kibana dashboards then data is not showing displaying "No Results Found".

Roles I have assigned to user is [kibana_dashboard_only_user], [kibana_user],[kibana_system]

Getting "Internal server error" when [kibana_dashboard_only_user] is only assigned to user.

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